“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Martin Luther King Jr.

In the midst of a global pandemic, record high unemployment, and uncertain futures, this past week has been especially heavy given the racial injustices at the forefront of our nation’s collective attention.

At RubiconMD, we are committed to listening, learning, and doing our part. Our vision sees a world in which access to medical expertise, and access to any civil right, is given to everyone. 

We stand with Black Lives Matter, and acknowledge racism as a public health issue. This week, we are working internally to engage employees in an open dialogue about the murder of George Floyd and racial injustice in America. RubiconMD is committed to dismantling structural inequality within the U.S. healthcare system and is organizing key leaders of color to share their perspectives and ideas to enact change.

Below are a few resources on how Black Lives Matter intersects with health care disparities in the United States. We are also linking organizations committed to policy changes that take steps toward a better future. Stay tuned for upcoming conversations we will facilitate in the coming weeks.

Informative Reads:

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity: The Intersection of Black Lives Matter and Public Health: Moving from Conversation to Action in Addressing Health Disparities

Journal of the American Medical Association: Racial Bias in Health Care, Health Challenges and Opportunities 

Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health: COVID-19 pandemic highlights long standing health inequities in U.S.


National Collaborative for Health Equity

National REACH Coalition

Policy Link

Common Health Action